Top 10 Worst Paying College Degrees

People go to college for different reasons. Some because they have a dream they want to pursue, others to please their parents, and more because they don't know what else they're supposed to do after high school. Bottom line is, everyone who attends college would like to see their hard work pay off. Whether that be with a job that they absolutely love, or in the form of a large paycheck. Or maybe even both.

The last thing you want to do is work through four years (or more) of college and end up unable to find a job or support yourself financially. Here is a list of popular degrees that are the worst paying upon graduation. If you're passionate about one of the following careers and money's not really the issue for you, pursue it. However, if being financially successful is important to you, best to think again.

1. Social Work: Starting: $33,000 Mid-career: $41,000

2. Elementary Education: Starting: $33,000 Mid-career: $42,000

3. Music: Starting: $34,000 Mid-career: $52,000

4. Theology: Starting: $35,000 Mid-career: $51,500

5. Spanish: Starting: $35,000 Mid-career: $52,500

6. Education: Starting: $36,000 Mid-career: $54,000

7. Fine Arts: Starting: $36,000 Mid-career: $56,000

8. Horticulture: Starting: $37,000 Mid-career: $53,000

9. Hospitality/Tourism: Starting: $37,000 Mid-career: $54,000

10. Drama: Starting: $37,000 Mid-career: $57,000