Finding that Dreaded Summer Job

Holding a job while in college can be tough, especially if you are taking more than one class. Balancing school with work while making time for studying and socializing can really take its toll – mentally and physically. If you are not taking classes in the summer, then finding a temporary part-time job or an internship is a great option.

With a temporary summer job, you don’t have to worry about committing to the company once the summer is over – so your focus can go right back to school. How do you get one of these jobs though? Well, there are a few ways…

Your school’s student employment office is a great place to start. Most schools have an office dedicated to finding employment for their students with tons of resources like postings and advisors to speak with. Some campuses even have temporary employment programs specifically for students who only have time to work in the summer.

Another option is probably the most obvious – the Internet. There are hundreds of websites out there designed to help you find a job, but a lot of them just lead you in circles. When looking for a local job online, it is best to stick to websites that have area specific postings. Try a local classifieds site, or even Craigslist – companies that need temporary help usually want to hire employees fast, so they post locally.

If you have your eyes set on a company that you would like to do some temporary work for, but they don’t have any openings posted, it doesn’t hurt to go talk to them in person. In fact, face-to-face communication with potential employers is the most effective way to get hired. Proposing the idea to the company shows initiative; It also shows that you are eager to work for them. It is worth a shot, at the very least.

If you want to earn school credit, or gain experience related to your major, then an internship may be a good way to spend your summer. Internships are temporary by nature, and are either paid or unpaid. Just like when looking for a job, the student employment office or your departmental advisor is the best place to start when looking for an internship because companies are looking for specific types of students to intern with them. Gaining experience in your career field before you earn your degree is a great way to build your resume – who knows, that summer you spent filing papers in the law office could give you the upper hand when you apply for a job there in the future.

Whether you are planning for the future or you are living in the moment, your carefree summers won’t last forever; follow these tips and make your summer worth it.