Getting the Salary you Deserve

Everyone wants to make more money. But how do you go about getting a raise?

Timing is everything. You need to become familiar with your company. Don’t ask for a raise when your company is suffering. Don’t catch your boss off guard and don’t ask him when he’s been stressed. He will be less likely to hear you out. The boss will want to research your contributions and meet with the human resources staff before making a decision.

Know the standards and practices normal to salary increases. Some companies only offer raises on a cycle or after an annual review. Read your employee handbook. There may be information regarding the proper process to acquire a raise at your company.

Research the market where you live. Online salary calculators and information may not give the information specific to your area. Living expenses across the nation vary. People in New York or California often make more money to meet the expense demands where they live. Find out the average salary for someone with your same position nationwide or within your location. Compare your findings to your current salary. Talk to other employees and friends in similar jobs and industries. Find out your salary competition. You will feel confident to ask your boss for a raise if you are prepared.

When asking for a raise, stress how you are worth more than you are being paid. You need your employer to see how you are a valuable asset to the company. Don’t describe how you need a raise to continue to live your lifestyle. The employer is paying your for the services you provide. They are not paying you to live your life. Employers will be sure to offer you a raise if you are making a consistent contribution toward the company’s goals.

Be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Your employer may give you the raise, or you may find out you are not as valuable as you thought. You may even be let go after the boss evaluates your performance and efforts.

Be direct. Describe your accomplishments and contributions to the company. Talk about future ways you could and will help the company. Volunteer to take on more responsibilities and duties. Ask for a pay raise. Provide a reasonable salary range or figure. Be ready to negotiate. You may not get a raise but you could get bonuses, extra time off, and more benefits. Ask for the final decision in writing.

If the boss does give you a raise, you should then validate his decision. Show gratitude and appreciation for the raise. Work harder than ever before. Prove yourself as an asset to the company.

Asking for a raise can be nerve wracking and uncomfortable. If you go into the meeting prepared, you will feel confident. Work hard and show your employer you deserve a higher salary.