Getting Off on the Right Foot with a New Job

Everyone goes through that awkward first day of work with a new company - you know the one, where you cant remember anyone’s name and wonder if you are doing enough work, but not too much so that you don’t look like an overachiever. When you start a new job it is ok to feel nervous or scared, and most people will understand what you are going through because they’ve been there too.

When you start a new job, it is important that you establish yourself. Talk to people, get involved with activities within the company, and volunteer for projects – just don’t be too eager. Once you are past the “new person” stage, then you should feel more comfortable.

They hired you for a reason, so you are obviously an asset to the company. Make sure your priorities are in line outside of work too, so you don’t become too stressed while on the job.

It isn’t a bad thing to ask questions either, in fact it shows interest and most employers are happy to give you answers. Questions shouldn’t just be about the job you are assigned to do, but about the company as a whole – or even about the people around you. The more you know, the less you wonder, and if you aren’t confused then you can be focused. Through conversations you can really gain a sense of understanding with people, regardless of their position.