Make a difference in your life and share it with others

Maybe you could see yourself doing a variety of different things as far as your career goes. If you're still not set on a career path, consider an occupation that will be rewarding and fulfilling to you, as well as to the rest of the world.

Here is a list of five occupations that can help you build your future and make a difference in the lives of others.

Criminal Justice:

Criminal justice professionals fight crime, protect the general public and ensure justice is carried out. Within the field of criminal justice there are many different occupations including: law enforcement, corrections and court.

Criminal justice professionals earn an average salary of $55,000 annually with top professionals earning upwards of $90,000 annually.


HVAC may seem a little weird to be on this list, but the truth is HVAC careers are indeed rewarding. HVAC technicians help with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. HVAC technicians are key to making heating and cooling in buildings, homes and offices comfortable and safe for people. In addition HVAC technicians help maintain and repair refrigeration systems that are needed for everyday use for foods and medicines.

With new implementations, HVAC technicians are also responsible for helping the planet. By installing systems that are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, HVAC technicians are helping with the green movement.

Average annual salary for HVAC technicians is $58,000, with top professionals earning upwards of $95,000 annually.

Homeland Security:

Homeland security professionals are dedicated to the protection of the United States. Homeland security specialists protect American citizens from outside harm. The FBI, Secret Service, National Guard, etc., are all part of homeland security.

Average salary for homeland security professionals is $62,000 annually.

Medical Assistant:

Medical assistants are one of the most key elements of healthcare. Medical assistants assist doctors and nurses with patient care. They also make sure patients are properly cared for and comfortable during their stay.

Medical assistants earn an average of $35,000 annually depending upon location and experience.

Pharmacy Technician:

Pharmacy technicians assist licensed pharmacists. Pharmacy technicians help count out medication and label medicine bottles. Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies, grocery stores, hospitals and drug stores.

Pharmacy technicians earn an average of $51,000 annually.

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