Do You Really Want to Accept That Job Offer?

If you have been on the job hunt for a while you have probably spent a bit of time wading through the job market. Sending out resumes and participating in job interviews has most likely left you exasperated. After all that time you have finally been given a job offer by an employer. Even though this has been your goal all along, you should be critical of any proposal before you decide to take up the job.

Gaining employment is a fantastic feeling but that rush can wear off quickly if you find that your new job doesn’t match well with your needs and personality. Being miserable in a job can be just as bad as being unemployed. To ensure that you find the perfect match for you, it’s important to ask yourself vital questions before you give a big “yes”.

Is the salary offered to you comparable to what is average for that starting position? If you’re unaware of what is a normal salary for a job like yours then you could be getting a much lower offer. Asking why your salary is lower than average can give you a better idea of what kind of job you could be getting into. It can also spark negotiations, which could lead you to getting the salary you deserve. Should you feel that your worth is not being compensated you could find yourself feeling underappreciated for the duties asked of you. If you’re not worth their money to them then they shouldn’t be worth your time.

How well do you match up with the work environment? While you probably haven’t had the chance to meet other workers yet you can typically judge a business by their moral when you enter the office. Are they upbeat or downtrodden? Are their workstations decorated or minimal? These are key signs of whether or not a company keeps its employees happy. You should also compare them to the attitude you want to have. If you’re hoping for a new job with a refreshing experience then an office with a negative outlook will only bring you down.

Along with matching your personality traits you should also ask whether or not this job reflects the same values and goals as you do. If you’re looking for a long, stable career with a chance to learn and grow then you will want to work with a company that will encourage that. As you seek out a new job you should be looking for something that helps you progress, not stay immobile. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding your future with the company. You should be well informed of your opportunities before you start.

Understanding what is expected of your in your new position is vital to making the decision to take the job or not. Stipulations such as the length of your workweek and benefit qualifications should be considered with each offer. It’s also worth taking not of the length of your commute time.

Of course these factors can make or break your decision to accept their invitation to join the business. However, you shouldn’t automatically dismiss every job if they do not meet your standards 100%. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of every aspect of the job. Your decisions should come based on what you are willing to sacrifice and what is most important to your career growth.