How to be a Good Employee

It sounds like a no brainer, don’t do this, do that, etc. But many employees fail to see the negative traits they expose on a daily basis. They show up late, they gossip and they complain about the amount of work they have to get done. These are the same employees that are quick to point out that they are being passed over when it comes time for a pay raise.

Time for a reality check. If you enjoy your job and want to hang on to it, consider the following:

Be on time:

Be punctual. Show up to work on time and show your boss that you are indeed a dedicated worker. You may think you attribute a lot to your company, or put in plenty of time at the office. However, walking in late gives people a bad impression. Set your alarm to ring earlier, layout your outfit or pack your lunch the night before, just make sure you are there on time.

Keep your mouth shut:

Did he really get promoted? Is she really dating that guy from accounting? Intriguing, yes. Professional? Absolutely not. While at work, best to keep your mouth shut about office romances and pay raise scandals. No one likes a tattletale or the office gossip queen. Why? They can’t be trusted. Talking about other people and spreading nonsense rumors just ends up causing contention.

You’re at work for a reason, to do your job. So keep quiet about things you’ve heard and don’t participate in gossip.

Bring your good ideas to the table:

If you have a good idea that could somehow benefit your company, speak up! Employers like to see their team members take initiative. Show your creativity and value to the company by pitching in your thoughts. Even if it gets shot down, at least you were bold enough to say it.

Be enthusiastic:

When you’re asked to do something; don’t just do it, show energy and excitement. Show your employer that you are happy with your job and appreciate your work stability. Let your positive attitude rub off on the rest of the company. Be approachable and eager – then reap the benefits.