5 Secrets to Landing a Job They Didn’t Teach You in High School

Landing a job today is a lot different than it was ten years ago. A lot of advancements have been made, and a lot of new and exciting companies have emerged with new standards and new ways of hiring. Take these five tips into consideration when looking for your next job – they could make all the difference.

Social Media

Utilizing social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter can help you land a job a lot faster than you think. Plenty of companies are posting job openings on the two sites before they post them anywhere else, especially companies that are heavily online based – they are hiring for their market. If you want to work for an online marketing company, then you had better be up to date with online trends. Using the resources in those networks can also help you land a job. For instance, if you update your status or tweet that you are looking for a job, everyone in your network will know about it and could potentially help you out.


In this world, networking is the most important key to being successful. Building a network of friends, references and acquaintances will help you immensely when looking for a job. Building a network does not come easy though, you need to put yourself out there and meet people. If you are at a party and your friend has a friend who is a top exec somewhere, you want to meet them. The same goes for your current job – introduce yourself to the higher-ups, and get on their radar, that way when an opening becomes available they will remember you and your consideration level is much higher than someone they have never met. Networking is also a great way to get credible references – and those are very important. If you have the Dean of Students from your college as a reference, you are going to seem more credible than someone with only a former co-worker as a reference.

Dress the part

The days of wearing a suit and tie to an interview are pretty much over – unless you are applying for a top-notch executive job. You should dress nice, but your interview attire should coordinate with the job you are applying for, that way the potential employer can already envision you as an employee. If you show up to an interview in a T-shirt and jeans, chances are you won't be taken seriously. Employers nowadays really take personality into consideration, and a lot of your personality shows in how you dress yourself – so be aware.


When you are applying for a job, you should really research the company that you are about to pledge your allegiance to. That way, you know what you are getting into before the interview and you will come off as that much more intelligent. If you find out that the executives of your potential new company went to the same school as you, or are a part of a national organization you are in, that is more to talk about in the interview, and more things for them to remember you by. Researching the company and coming up with your own questions to ask is also a big plus in the interview process.

Ask questions during the interview(s)

During interviews, the potential employers always ask an array of questions that pertain to the job and how you will accomplish things. After that, they ask the potential employee if they have any questions – and the number one mistake that they make is saying, “nope”. When you ask questions about the job or the company, it shows that you are genuinely interested. Employers want to hire someone who wants to be there, and are comfortable with their job. Asking questions about the companies history, policies, success stories, or benefits are all things that employers would love to indulge on. Don’t be the typical interviewee, otherwise you will be forgotten amongst all of the other applicants.